Proud where we came from

In 2006, Aurum Prosthetics, an eight-employee, full service dental laboratory in Stoney Creek, On, was doing well, and Co-Owners Frank Molon and Gino Marino were ready to take things to the next level. But like many lab owners looking to grow, their expertise was on the technical side of the business and they needed some direction.

Enter Gary Molinaro, Molon`s childhood friend who has a business degree and a background in managing large scale businesses. Molinaro came aboard and after months of market research, he came up with an ambitious plan for growth, including completely rebranding the laboratory, acquiring some smaller laboratories, moving into a new facility, and had an eye on the new technology coming into the market. Molon and Marino were on board, and the three became partners in the new venture Solaris Dental Solutions Canada Inc.

With the existing partners handling the technical side of the business and Molinaro spearheading the business side along with the sales and marketing.

The rest is history.

Gary Molinaro – President

Gary Molinaro

Gino Marino – V.P. Lab, R.D.T.

Gino Marino

V.P. Lab, R.D.T.
Frank Molon – V.P. Operations, R.D.T.

Frank Molon

V.P. Operations, R.D.T.

Excited for the future

Since then, Solaris Dental Solutions has been consistently expanding their fleet of laboratories, services offerings and dental practices they serve. The Stoney Creek location serves as the main ‘hub’ with state-of-art lab and 5,500-sq-ft education center. Other acquired labs serve as satellite locations, allowing Solaris to offer convenient, time efficient and affordable local dental lab services to dentists in those areas. The plan for the future is to keep growing the business, continuously provide exceptional dental lab services and help more dentist improve the smiles of their patients.


Cutting edge technology and finest materials


Passion, talent and continuous education


Great quality at best price on the market


Success through joint effort

Digital Dental Lab

We are fully digital dental laboratory equipped to receive files from any Intra-Oral Scanning Devices (iTero, E4D, CEREC, Trios, Condor and more).