Solaris Press Release 2

Solaris Digital Centre


Solaris Dental Solutions is proud to announce the launch of it’s new Digital Centre! With the continuous advancements in digital technology, Solaris decided to take the leap and transform an already successful business into a laboratory ready for the next phase of dentistry! Whether it’s an intraoral scan or a traditional impression, creating the perfect restoration has never been better. Solaris has the capability of accepting most types of intraoral scans which makes it quick and simple for dentists to send their impressions. No longer does a patient have to sit through the experience of impression material waiting to set.

Scans can be completed in minutes and sent to Solaris instantly. If the traditional way of impression taking is still your preferred method, simply call for a pickup and the impression or model can be scanned in the lab and designed using either 3Shape or Dental Wings CAD software. “Using both design software programs, gives Solaris the freedom to create the perfect restoration,” says Frank Molon, owner of Solaris Dental Solutions, “each program has its strengths and we use that to our advantage.” Not only is the methodology in dental technology changing but the materials are as well. With the use of zirconia and E.max gaining much popularity, the manufacturing processes had to change as well.

With five different mills operational, any type of material can be milled quickly and efficiently. Zirconia, E.max, PMMA or wax for pfm’s can all be milled at the same time giving dentists the best quality materials on the market today. The options are endless. The final piece to the digital mix was the addition of the 3D printer, giving Solaris the ability to fabricate any appliance entirely from a digital scan. The scans that are sent by dentists can now also become printed models. Whether it is for record keeping with orthodontics or working models required for crown and bridge, any type of model can be printed. Solaris Dental Solutions is ready for the future of dentistry!